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About Igloo Wear Canada

Who we are…

We are a local Canadian family company based in Winnipeg, that creates warmth from winter garments
for the harshest of climates, that is fashionable, affordable, and ethically and socially conscious.

What we do…

We create inspired winter clothing that is based around the functionality of an igloo. An igloo represents
survival in the harshest of climates. A small heat source such as a candle can keep an igloo and the
individual in it warm for hours with minimal energy or effort wasted. Our clothing operates on the same
principal with the best breathable outer shell technology that blocks the wind and releases excessive
heat built up from the Thinsulate 3M lining, very similar to the warmth and air circulation in an igloo.
Warmth built into locally inspired designs, that meets the functional need, without sacrificing style or

How we do…

We do our best to locally source the warmest and most ethical materials that go into each thoughtful
piece of the garment, and find local craftsmanship to build each piece with pride knowing that what is
produced locally will be sold, bought, and worn locally. Each item produced has been considered very
carefully as to its functionality, it’s durability, it’s cruelty-free and ethically production, it’s contemporary
style, and the ability to source it from Canada where and when we can.

Why we do…

We believe in making our direct community and extended communities better by supporting local
business, making the best quality and affordable clothing so everyone in our community can proudly
wear our creations, and giving back through the various charities that benefit those of us with the
greatest needs. We as a company and as citizens promote equality, diversity, dignity, and a drive to
better our surroundings and the people we share it with.

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